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We have a highly specialized team in advising the financial sector, especially in the areas of investment and cyber crime. We are recognized as one of the best firms in advice related to rights of new technologies with impacts on the financial sectors (Fintech, Regtech, Blockchain, Stock Exchange, Online Casinos, Other...). This sector focuses on the development of solutions to give a better legal experience to our clients

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The claim is based on the client's proof, deposit vouchers, emails, phone numbers ...

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The Forex Complaint Law Firm offers qualified assistance on legal services, provided by our professionals, specialists in Criminal Law. They will advise you on topics such as Cybercrimes. Financial Crimes. Administrative law. Criminal accusation: complaints. Representation and defense in international trials

Our staff of professionals is made up of a team of specialists in Cybercrime and Financial Analysts who work together to be able to provide an accurate analysis of the evidence material.


Professional Staff

Our team of specialists in Cybercrime and Financial Analysts, Jurists, Lawyers specialized in Economics.


Forex complaint

Upon receiving a summons from the Supreme Court, the complaint process would be initiated in order to recover its capital..


Updated Laws

Our Financial Analysts study the updates of the laws to offer defense in a safe way.



Complaint Forex specialists in Cybercrime and created by an association between the Regulatory bodies: CNMV, FCA, CySec

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